"Technically, we're professionals.” –@Get_Luky


"Fix'd–IT.” –@e_mo


"We're not afraid to get a little intimate with your hard drive.” –@andy_it


"No offense but those other guys are full of bull–IT.” –@nicole_IT


“Just let IT happen.” –@earl_IT



  • open_quoteEvan’s spot on. I’ve worked in application design for 20 years with some exp. in admin… but no expert in that area. This guy responds quickly and knows his stuff. You can’t ask for more than that, and you often don’t find it in support. –Ralph C. via YELP

  • blue_openJones IT makes you and your computer better than you were before you came in. I would highly recommend them to anyone with computer issues no matter how big or small the case.  They guys not only know their stuff, they’re able to talk to you like a human versus most companies with introverts that speak computer. blue_closed–Eamon S. via YELP

  • pink_openI would give 10 if they had 10 stars…Jones IT is professional, they are on time and they are good. Ersinan came over and cleaned and organized and had lot of good, helpful advice without pushing any one thing.We are so happy with their work; they’ve helped our business run  and don’t we all want that!pink_closed-Rachel B. via YELP

  • orange_openDo you LOVE guys who really KNOW computers? If so, then Jones IT Consulting has the computer geeks for you to upgrade your system, connect to a new wireless account, retrieve lost files, etc.yellow_closed–Misha V. via YELP

  • grey_openSince working with Jones IT, our needs have been met beyond our expectations. On top of fast turnaround times and constant communication, they always keep us in the loop. The whole team has been nothing but helpful and we know we can trust them to fix any issue that may arise..grey_close–Vanina P. via YELP


Jones IT is the Bay's best (and friendliest) provider of Managed IT Services. Partnering with Jones IT is like having a full-fledged IT staff at your fingertips for a fraction of the cost of a full time IT department.

Whether you have 5 people or 500, Jones IT can help you by using the same tools and resources used by big corporations. Call us today to find out about our All You Can Eat IT subscription plan. We can handle all of your IT needs in one, simple-to-understand, monthly subscription. Our superstar engineers are also available on an hourly consultation basis or for project based work.

Worry-Free Lifecycle Coverage
We cover your network through each phase of its lifecycle: current assessment, recommendation, set-up, maintenance, and upgrade planning. We have a vested interest in the success and sustainability of your business, whether large or small. As a growing business ourselves with a diversified group of clients, we understand the nature of business cycles and how our customized outsourced IT solutions can make all the difference. Jones IT has your back each step of the way from start to finish.

On-Demand IT
Ninja Team

A fully staffed team of IT wizards at your fingertips. Let’s face it, if you’re currently relying a single “IT guy”, whether in-house or outside contractor, your company’s eggs are sitting dangerously in one basket. The good news is that our superstar team can help drastically reduce your business risk. No need to ever worry about employee and training costs, knowledge hoarding, or unavailability due to overbooking/absence. Team Jones IT is just a click or call away and has all your bases covered.


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Who we’ve already done

We offer our services to a wide spectrum of clients – from large to small, corporate to non-profit. Chances are that if you have a business, we have partnered with someone in your field.

The People Have Spoken

“Awesome, Helpful, and Extremely Knowledgeable.


Evan and his crack crew of consultants know their stuff. I have worked with Evan over the years and he has helped me trouble shoot just about every issue, whether it be large or small. He has helped me build computers that are specific to my needs, he has helped me build small home and office networks, and he does it quickly, efficiently, and is economically sustainable (i.e. affordable).


Jones IT Consulting has been super helpful and responsive every time I have needed their assistance and I HIGHLY recommend them to anyone seeking ANY sort of computer related assistance (small home network, large scale industrial network, troubleshooting, etc).” – Charley B. via YELP

“My company had a crisis situation where our SF office’s internet was down. The fiber provider wouldn’t send someone out since the line was fine. It was an internal hardware infrastructure issue somewhere.


We called Jones IT Consulting and they were able to come out the same day. After some troubleshooting, Evan diagnosed the issue and all was well. It was so small and quirky we would have spent the next week trying to figure it out.
We’ll definitely be calling Evan and Jones IT Consulting in the future.” – Travis V. via YELP

Evan’s spot on. I’ve worked in application design for 20 years with some exp. in admin… but no expert in that area.


This guy responds quickly and knows his stuff. You can’t ask for more than that, and you often don’t find it in support.


You want to see people like this do well.” – Ralph C. via YELP

“Do you LOVE guys who really KNOW computers? If so, then Jones IT Consulting has the computer geeks for you to upgrade your system, connect to a new wireless account, retrieve lost files, etc.


My family and I have worked with Evan and his team for the past decade. Evan and his team have been nothing short of professional. His team has helped us in so many ways…burn files onto cds, delete files from an old PC to be donated, resolve internet connectivity problems, Evan even offered internet tutorials, and installed free antivirus software on my new laptop among other things.


If I have an IT problem I know who to call…do you?”" – Misha V. via YELP

“I work at an organization headquartered in SF with offices in Chicago and Los Angeles and our phones went down and we were urgently looking for solutions all weekend, with minimal help from our vendor relationships.


We were so fortunate to find Jones IT Consulting and Evan Jones, who on unbelievably short notice, took our call and in the same day, took our computer, and revamped everything.   Not only that, he came in and spent time after hours talking with our vendors and eventually solving the problem and our phones are back in working orderBecause of this, we will be working with Jones IT Consulting as a main source for solving all of our IT/tech problems.  Evan is a pleasure to work with, is super responsive, and most importantly, he fixes urgent problems swiftly.”– Jon S. via YELP

Jones IT Consulting

3435 Cesar Chavez St., Penthouse

S.F., CA 94110



Evan Jones


I love everything IT. What else can I say? I love researching new cool tips and tricks, solving high end problems, and, most of all, teaching others how to use technology. I think in my past life I was a computer! I’ve put in my 10,000 hours and now I’m ready to share everything I know with you. The best part of my day is working with the Jones IT team, so drop us an email and maybe we can brighten up your day too.



Andy Vo


My computer love (shout out to Zapp & Roger) started out with a Packard Bell computer and AOL chat rooms. Next thing you know I was upgrading my family computer to Windows 98 and installing RAM. Fast forward to my adult years and I get to do this professionally and life is good! I find it very satisfying identifying problems, collaborating with the team, coming up with solutions and making it happen. Technology can be scary and its understandable. If you find yourself in need for some IT ninja’s look no further.


Nicole Nelson


I’m a die hard Oakland Raider fan but still a sweetheart. I LOVE helping people solve their IT issues and strive to make our clients feel as important and comfortable as possible. I have over 12 years of experience with IT, audio-visual, and video conferencing and am always eager to use my knowledge to help others!


Earl Pagaduan


For my 8th birthday, I asked my parents for a robot toy that transformed into a hot rod. Instead they got me the one that transforms into a microscope. I’ve also had to wear glasses since birth.  Yes, my nerd tendencies run deep.  Anything computer or technology related tickles my fancy.  What tickles it even more is my undying allegiance to MMA. I can put your laptop in a mean chokehold if needed.



Richard Luk


I went from IT rookie to certified ninja in 5 years, dominating bball courts and IT environments from Google to Zynga. All roads led to the promised land at JonesIT. I love taking on challenging projects and seeing the magic of technology do its work- providing immense value and making everyone’s life easier. My bookmarks consist of tech blogs and basketball forums. If you have an IT issue, pass me the rock and I’ll take it to the hole!


Roberto Mejia


When IT comes to working with people you can call me the Pele of the game. There’s nothing that I love more than working creatively with our partners and team to come up with solutions on issues that arise on a day to day basis. Having worked in the non-profit sector for over 5 years gives me that personality that you don’t get from your usual IT Tech. Being able to simplify technology and explain it in a way that you know exactly what we mean is my forte.


Aaron Brown



Jason Ulit